Customer Stories: Payment Platform

Building a SaaS Payment Platform to Reduce Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

We created a secure and easy payment platform for title companies to handle millions of dollars in transactions for customers in the real estate industry.

Vendor Pay

Our client wanted to find a better way to reduce fraud and friction in the real estate payment processing experience. As a fintech startup, they needed to move fast to bring a SaaS white label ACH application to market that would allow mortgage and title companies to use the platform under their own brand to collect cash to close, earnest money deposits, and other types of payments from clients and send out disbursements to clients and vendors. Statistics ($65.25M transferred, 11,743 transfers completed, 8,093 hours saved, $352,209 bank fees saved)

The Challenge

Design, build and maintain a multi-tenant SaaS platform to handle millions of dollars in real estate transactions between title companies, buyers, sellers, real estate agents and municipalities.

They needed:

  • An initial MVP launch within 6-months
  • Multiple UI's to account for the various user segments
  • A robust design system to speed design time
  • Rapid deployments to meet time to market demands
  • A microservice architecture that could grow into the future vision
  • A secure payment gateway

The client had deep expertise in real estate, but not in running a technical project, so we also needed to bring them up to speed on how to build software products and best practices for defining, delivering and maintaining software. 

They needed:

  • An introduction to Agile
  • An introduction to Product Management
  • An introduction to Design Thinking and UX/UI design
  • An introduction to Managing Team Knowledge
  • An introduction to Support strategies


The outcome of our efforts resulted in a successful product launch with 2,575 transfers totaling $20.4 million completed within six months of launch and the app has now reached 11,743 transfers totaling $65.25M. The app is continuing to grow to accommodate additional verticals and API integrations into other title company software products. 

Overall, we onboarded and trained more than 30 different team members, worked with the client to produce and manage the product roadmap, and organized the work to be done. Predictive UX took great care to create a robust knowledge base so that critical information was kept up to date and easily accessible by our combined teams. 

Our engineers worked closely with the client's chief technologist to build the backend solution while our design experts crafted custom UX/UI designs and illustrations and our UI development team coded multiple UIs following best practices.   





  • Product Strategy
  • Product Management
  • User Research
  • Custom Icons and Illustrations
  • Agile Management
  • Backend Architecture
  • User Stories and Flows
  • Microservices Development
  • UI Development
  • Testing
  • Deployments
  • Production Support

We created multiple UI's to include mobile-first UI's for customer experiences and an admin UI where title companies could set up the platform and track payments.

Vendor Pay (2)

User Experience


Predictive UX conducted interviews with key stakeholders and actual users to understand who would be using the payment platform. Our research initially resulted in the design of 6 different personas. We later added 2 more personas based on how the app features changed over time.

We used the personas frequently throughout the lifecycle of the project in the following ways:

  • Onboarding new team members to help them understand the end users
  • Creating user flows that branched to include alternate paths for different persona types with different levels of access, sometimes crossing over to other UI's
  • Authoring user stories so that we could keep the perspective clear to designers and developers with regard to who would benefit from the story feature

Wireframes and High Fidelity Prototypes

We created over 1,000 wireframes and multiple interactive prototypes of various features and UI's to include:

  • Admin UI
  • Client UI
  • Secondary Approvals
  • Routing by Office
  • Realtor UI
  • Pro UI
  • MuniPay
  • VendorPay


paymints personas-1

Custom illustrations and icons were created to give the payment platform a bespoke feel.

Custom Illustrations

We created custom illustrations to add fun to the payment platform. We explored several ideas and ultimately landed on a few that felt appropriate for the audience.

Custom Icons

Our client wanted their platform to stand apart from others with a unique look and feel, so we created a custom icon library for the collapsed state of the navigation panel as well as for specific actions users can take within data tables.

Secure and Stable Architecture

The backend included several services: Transfer, Security, Authentication, and AWS - SQS & Lambda.



Allow users to connect their bank accounts & transfer funds in a safe and secure way while also updating the database with relevant logs, data, and status updates.


We utilized Plaid for account verification & Dwolla to process ACH transactions, storing important data via GraphQL. Routes for functionality and data retrieval were made accessible via a Node/Express REST API.


Millions of dollars have been securely transferred using these services.

Design Thinking and Agile

We introduced Design Thinking to the client and worked through ideas in workshops to define features and prioritize them into a product roadmap. From there, we documented more detailed user stories and user flows in Confluence before creating tickets in Jira. Next, we ran agile sprints and worked alongside our client to iteratively design, develop and deploy new features every 30-60 days. 

To ensure no knowledge loss occurred, we created and maintained a robust knowledge base in Confluence for the client and added common definitions, team roles, background documentation and several requirements, technical and design documents. 


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