We believe in protecting and nurturing the human experience in physical and digital spaces.


To help the world stay inclusive and human.

Predictive UX is committed to inclusive product design and focuses on democratizing access to user-friendly technology in underserved communities. Our goal is to design and build applications that positively impact public health, the environment, education, and finance. We achieve this through user research and data-driven, ethical design of AI applications. The results are clear, learnable, and valuable technologies designed to engage users and protect and advance the human experience.


Karen Passmore - CEO


Karen Passmore | Full Bio | LinkedIn

Chief Executive Officer
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Karen is the founder and CEO of Predictive UX and has over 25 years of experience leading app design and content management initiatives for enterprise organizations and startups. She has personally worked with hundreds of companies as a product strategist, user experience designer, developer, and analyst to create data-rich enterprise applications, intranets, and SaaS products. Her experience has provided the unique opportunity for Karen to work in 12 different sectors, including healthcare, the environment, education, and finance. Karen has developed her own DEI by Design methodology, authored courses on data-driven design and DEI by Design, and is a speaker and trainer on user experience design for data-rich applications and inclusive design. Her knowledge and expertise position her to do innovative work and solve some of the toughest business challenges in digital spaces.

Jen Segovia - UX Lead


Jen Segovia | LinkedIn

UX Design Lead

Jen is our resident Design Lead and joined Predictive UX from Deloitte to help us grow a world-class digital design team. Under her leadership, our team of researchers, designers, and illustrators design new experiences for Fortune 500 companies and disruptive startups. During her time with Predictive UX Jen has spearheaded UX design and research in fintech, healthcare, and B2B SaaS solutions. She is a thoughtful and focused leader who brings out the best qualities in each of our team members. Jen is also an entrepreneur herself and co-owns and operates a sustainable cutlery business. Jen is a business-oriented product design leader with experience and expertise in all facets of user-centered strategy, research, and design. She is a data-driven decision-maker that relies on both qualitative and quantitative research to solve complex problems and achieve business and financial goals for clients.



Lillian Chen

Lillian Chen
Product Designer


Shawn Roberts
PhD, Data Scientist



Mia Lightsy

Mia Lightsy
UX Designer


Shannon Steimel
Sr. UX Designer



Ellie Passmore

Ellie Passmore
UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer
Linguist, SPSS, CITI Certified


Ellie Passmore
UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer, Linguist
SPSS Experience, CITI Certified



Kyle Cyree

Kyle Cyree
Sr. UX Designer, Bitcoin Expert


Kyle Cyree
Sr. UX Designer, Bitcoin Expert




We have the ability to help millions of people have better experiences online.

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Why Predictive UX

Our vision is to be the human heartbeat in technology by pioneering inclusive and innovative digital experiences for everyone. 

We Believe in Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At Predictive UX, we're committed to an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates diversity. Our differences drive our innovation and better connect us to the clients and the communities we serve.

Our Core Values

  1. Design for all 

  2. Create the future responsibly

  3. Make a positive impact

  4. Drive value for users and businesses

  5. Do more good than harm

  6. Bridge the digital divide

Illustration of a Diverse Group of Women from Predictive UX Who Work in Technology

DEI by Design

An inclusive design methodology.

Predictive UX has created DEI by Design, a methodology and framework for scoring digital products and tech teams on diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

But that's just one part of our story. We support DEI within our own doors by:

  • Teaching our DEI by Design framework and methodology to our team members and helping them deliver DEI by Design to our clients
  • Attending code showcases at high schools to support and champion high school coders
  • Providing mentorship and training for designers and developers who are new to the industry - we hire seasoned experts as well as folx who are fresh out of bootcamp, high school, and in the midst of a career transition to IT 
  • Sponsoring Hexagon UX, a community supporting womxn and non-binary folx in UX
  • We recruit from a diverse array of resources, cities, and countries to ensure we have a truly global team across a variety of backgrounds and cultures  

Learn more about DEI by Design