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Move from data silos to connected knowledge experiences.

Optimize your knowledge

Most companies have everything they need in-house to drive the next phase of growth and innovation.  We help companies leverage those advantages to transform and optimize their knowledge and data into effective tools that drive organizations to advance what they do well and develop in new spaces.

Knowledge Graph - HR Data



Data Value Accelerator


Connect data semantically at scale

Connect content and data entities together in a graph database and surface the results in stunning, highly actionable tools, data visualizations, and search results.

This is an ideal foundation for AI and machine learning initiatives. Data is structured based on the way users think resulting in data that is useful in any application from a user-first perspective.


  • Revised taxonomies to normalize data across datasets
  • Starter knowledge graph with semantics to contextualize data 
  • New search design for an actionable insights experience
  • Scalable data model so you can add more data over time
  • Clickable Prototypes for user testing to validate concepts
  • Roadmap for implementation of AI/ML initiatives


  • AI/ML foundation for your organization 
  • Education for your team as we teach while we work
  • Productivity gains with a single, unified dataset

How we achieve results


Current State
We begin by working alongside your team to analyze the current state of data across people, process, technology and data outcomes.
User Research
We discover what people need and where pain points exist and document findings in jobs to be done, journey maps, and use cases.
Future State
We turn analysis and research findings into actionable recommendations across people, process, technology and data.


Data Experience Design
We create low-cost clickable prototypes of app experiences and test them with real users to prove data trust, usability, and value.
UI Design
We work within your brand to add AI components and data visualizations for consistent on-brand interactions.
Our development team works closely with yours to create an IT approved architecture for AI, machine learning, and front- and back-end systems.


Our data scientists model your data based on your domain knowledge, large language models, and the right technologies to achieve your business goals.
Data Governance
To ensure team alignment, we establish a starter governance model for ensuring data is discoverable, trustworthy and interoperable.
We work closely with you to develop a 12-month roadmap that defines opportunities for growth and required investment dollars.

Putting humans first in data experiences

Predictive UX is leading organizations in the design and development of innovative, data-rich products with a human-centered design focus. Our passion and expertise in this space led us to develop a Data Design Framework for unifying content and data that combines traditional Human-Centered Design Thinking with Domain- and Data-driven Design practices to bring the right actionable insights and experiences to users at exactly the right time.

Outcomes include:

  • Team alignment
  • Knowledge graph business cases
  • Clickable prototype for user testing
  • Initial MVP of a unified search experience
  • Roadmap for further implementation