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Workshop for Enterprise and Federal Government Teams
An engaging and interactive program that addresses governance, security, safety, privacy, bias, trust, and inclusion in AI & digital products

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Focus on the Most Impactful Strategies for AI Governance

This program, created by Predictive UX, includes a comprehensive framework, methodology, maturity model, and scorecard for tackling privacy, security, bias, trust, safety, and inclusion in the design of AI and digital products. 

This workshop is ideal for AI leaders, inclusion leaders, UX and product design teams, and data scientists and developers working on AI data models and digital products. 

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We’ll work through live workshops and 1:1 coaching (not watching videos) to develop and launch your AI & Inclusive Design Governance and Center of Excellence, including:

01 - Learn How to Use the AI & Product Risk Index

Evaluate your AI products using our AI & Product Risk Index to uncover potential issues related to privacy, security, bias, trust, exclusion, safety, equity, diversity, and more. Gain valuable insights and honest feedback about your overall approach, business strategies, and team dynamics. Do you have the right policies and procedures in place? Where are you on the maturity model? Are your data practices considering the right things? Are you leveraging the right talent and skills? Is your leadership style fostering success or hindering progress? How much risk exposure do you have?

02 - A Center of Excellence Framework and Maturity Model

Integrate AI and product inclusion and safety strategies seamlessly into your organization by establishing an AI & Product Risk Center of Excellence using our meticulously designed framework, governance guidelines, and maturity model specifically tailored for enterprise organizations and government agencies.

Discover how to determine the key individuals to include, select projects that align with your organization's goals, and evaluate your team's strategy for creating innovative AI and product experiences safely and in alignment with Federal regulations.

03 - Insights from Experts & a Cohort of Organizations  

Discover how red team experts are attacking LLMs, uncover the latest technologies and how they fit together, learn from our work with top technology and design leaders who are: navigating the challenges of legal risks, proving ROI, and evolving cultural norms by embracing an inclusive and security-first approach to AI and product design. We'll do deep dive sessions on these topics so that you can gain valuable insights into how organizations are working through  these challenges. You'll find templates and inspiration for tackling similar issues in your own organization.

04 - A Seat on the AI & Product Inclusion Council 

Join the AI & Product Inclusion Council and become a key influencer in shaping the future of inclusive AI and product design. Your membership gives you a powerful voice in establishing industry standards and defining best practices promoting privacy, safety, diversity, and inclusion.

You will also get VIP Access to Events and Reports

As a valued participant, you will have exclusive access to early bird discounts for our highly anticipated events and our annual research report on the dynamic landscape of AI & product inclusion. This comprehensive report highlights industry benchmarks across various sectors, introduces cutting-edge guidelines, and showcases top-performing companies.


Our approach blends the personalized attention of private consulting with the advantages of a fast-paced sprint program featuring well-structured content, AI experts,  and an accountability framework.

We’ll work side-by-side and focus on execution (not watching videos).
Workshops start with an engaging presentation + discussion where we’ll introduce a concept and give you an exercise to apply it to your business. As we progress, you’ll have a 1:1 session with your coach, plus optional “deep dives” on various tactical areas and help in identifying the right opportunities for embarking on AI and how to measure the results. After the workshop, we'll offer weekly office hours to ensure the availability of our experts to your team as you embark on this important initiative.

Through this collaborative approach, we will ensure that you are actively implementing the right AI strategies to derisk AI for your company and drive tangible results.


If your organization is planning to launch AI but is facing challenges related to legal risk, trust, security, safety, bias, and inclusion, then this workshop is perfect for you. It is specifically designed for applications like chatbots, intranets, generative AI, automation, and any other scenario where AI & algorithms are used to make decisions. It is crucial to have leaders and employees participate who can dedicate their time to prioritizing the inclusive and safe design of AI.


  • Training and Alignment Workshop
  • Establishing a Center of Excellence
  • Scoring on the AI & Digital Risk Index
  • Maturity benchmark
  • Governance
  • Shared Insights from Other Organizations
  • Safety & Inclusion Research Council
  • Discounts on Events and Our Annual Report
  • Inclusive AI & Product Design Roadmap
  • Inclusive AI & Design Guidebooks


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Karen Passmore
AI & Product Strategist & Creator of the AI & Product Risk Index


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Jen Segovia
Senior Product Design Leader


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Karen Passmore, CEO at Predictive UX

Karen Passmore
AI & Product Strategist


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Senior Product Design Leader


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