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We create design components that work across the varying contexts and complexities of today's AI & data systems.


UX Design and Usability Testing play a crucial role in driving the success of your data product. Whether you have an enterprise application or a SaaS product, the ease of use and user-friendliness of your app will determine its level of adoption.

Dev teams spend 50% of their time fixing issues we could catch in user testing.

In today's world of advanced microservices, AI, machine learning, and multiple UIs, it is imperative to have well-thought-out design systems that seamlessly cater to diverse product contexts.

For new products, our team specializes in devising data-driven design strategies to ensure that your data and product experiences perfectly align with the needs of your users and your business.

For existing products, we collaborate with you to conduct thorough usability audits and testing, enabling us to identify and address any pain points in the user experience. This valuable insight informs the creation of new UX designs that bridge the gap and enhance usability.



  • New UX/UI based on user tests and best practices
  • Improved usability and adoption of your digital product(s) 
  • Re-usable best practices introduced to your internal teams
  • Design system refresh based on our findings

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We meet users and businesses where they are in their journey.

As the use of data and AI applications continues to grow, the design of user experiences for complex systems becomes increasingly crucial. It requires thorough consideration and a deep understanding of the potential risks and benefits associated with data and AI.

User and customer journeys extend far beyond individual features and often encompass various aspects of an organization. At Predictive UX, we specialize in helping companies comprehend these touch points and create impactful experiences that not only cater to users and customers at their current stage but also fulfill unmet business requirements.




Solid data and AI design with a modular and cohesive design system is a win for everyone.

Our experience:

  • AI is inherently biased, creating risk and trust issues, we have worked with and managed these types of issues in UX/UI designs for chatbots, diagnostic tools, recommendation engines, search, intranets, and other generative AI tools and can bring our combined experience and wisdom to your product(s).
  • Users today expect an intuitive and clean user experience that makes getting things done simple. However, tech is moving faster than research, so mistakes are being made. We've already conducted countless hours of research and design work with some of the top firms in the nation to bring complex systems to market. Research you can capitalize on for your product strategy.
  • By nature, data creates high cognitive strain. This directly impacts usability. When data is confusing, it's not usable. Many apps overcompensate with configurable features to allow users to create their own data experiences - another heavy mental workload for users. We can help you avoid these kinds of mistakes or fix your app if you've already gone down this path.


Karen Passmore



Karen Passmore
AI & Product Strategist, Creator of the AI & Product Risk Index

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Jen Segovia
Senior Product Design Leader



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