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Fix bad data experiences in 2-months or less with our User Experience Optimization solutions where our experts (re)design and test your data product.

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Don't let a bad experience ruin your data invesment.

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Meeting Users and Businesses where they are in their journey.

User and customer journeys go well beyond one feature and often touch multiple parts of an organization.  Predictive UX specializes in helping companies understand these touch points and design impactful experiences that not only meet users and customers where they are, but also serve unmet business needs.    

A solid data UX is a win for everyone.

Why it creates a win:

  • Users today expect an intuitive and clean user experience that makes getting things done simple.
  • By nature, data creates high cognitive strain and that directly impacts usability - if data makes your brain hurt, it's not usable.
  • A bad user experience affects 10 out of 10 users - get it wrong and you risk product adoption of mission critical applications.
  • Mistrust of data is one of the top causes of product failure - UX and usability testing uncover and correct user trust issues.


User-validated designs that work for your business needs

Fix your data user experiences with help from experts who can design and test your data product. Whether you have an enterprise application or a SaaS product, the intuitiveness and usability of your app will make or break its adoption.


  • New UX/UI based on user tests and best practices
  • Improved usability and adoption of your digital product(s) 
  • Re-usable best practices introduced to your internal teams
  • Design system refresh based on our findings


    • Product Strategist
    • UX Researchers
    • UX/UI Designers
    • Usability Experts
    • Agile
    • Design Thinking
    • Usability Testing
    • Data-driven Design
    • UserTesting
    • User Zoom
    • Optimal Workshop
    • HotJar
    • Qualtrics
    • Your digital products
    • User research and test results


  • Education / alignment workshops
  • Current state assessment
  • User flows
  • Wireframing
  • User testing
  • Test results analysis
  • Affinity mapping
  • Issue prioritization
  • Updated designs
  • Actionable Recommendations


  • Starting at $30,000


  • 1st project is typically 8-weeks
  • Ongoing UX support available


Karen Passmore



Karen Passmore
CEO, Strategist

Jen Segovia



Jen Segovia
UX Design Lead

UX Design and Usability Testing are critical to the adoption of your data product.  Whether you have an enterprise application or a SaaS product, the intuitiveness and usability of your app will make or break its adoption. 

  • New products: Our team provides up-front data design strategies to ensure the data and product experiences align to user and business needs.
  • Existing products: We work with you to conduct usability audits and testing to inform new UX designs that close the gap on usability pain points.


Get Happier Customers

Whether your customers are employees within your organization or external customers, UX and usability testing will uncover what your customers want so you can give it to them.