5-Day AI Accelerator

Define Your First AI Product
Define the ideal use case, technology, and roadmap in as little as 5 days.

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Build a use case that puts AI on your company roadmap

Move AI forward for your company in this team workshop where we will co-create a vision, use case, metrics, and tech stack for an AI initiative aligned to your business readiness and needs.


We’ll work together through 5 days of live workshops for you and your team. Our goal is to develop and execute your AI Playbook, including:

01 - AI & Product Risk and Readiness Assessment

Evaluate proposed initiatives against our AI & Product Risk Index to uncover potential issues related to privacy, bias, exclusion, safety, inequity, and diversity. Gain valuable insights and honest feedback about your readiness, including your overall approach, business strategies, and team dynamics. Are you considering the right things? Are you leveraging the right talent and skills? Is your leadership style fostering success or hindering progress?

02 - Vision and Use Case

Advance only the top-scoring ideas forward and hold a final vote to select which initiative will be developed into your first AI project.  Using our proven methodology, we will work together to examine your risk appetite and outline the necessary components, data requirements, key stakeholders, and the overall value for your business.    

03 - Metrics  

Next, we will establish the key metrics to monitor for the success of your AI initiative. This step is crucial in ensuring that your AI project meets expectations. By measuring metrics against data availability and revenue impact, we can accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your AI implementation. If your company is simply looking to experiment with AI without concern for outcomes, then this workshop may not be suitable for you.

04 - Tech Stack

As you venture into the exciting step of technology selection, capitalize on our experiences working with knowledge graphs, large language models, generative AI, algorithms, machine learning pipelines, content, data, and more. The choices you make will play a major role in security, cost, and effectiveness. While we are bound by NDAs, we are committed to sharing valuable insights, top concerns, technologies, and lessons learned from our experiences working with organizations implementing AI initiatives. 

05 - Conclusion and High-level Roadmap

We will wrap up our AI Accelerator with a high-level roadmap that complements the risk and readiness assessment, vision and use case, metrics, and technology diagram. This roadmap will provide you with the essential information necessary to make an informed funding decision. It will showcase, at a high level, the financial investment and the value you can expect to derive from your AI initiative.


If your enterprise organization is planning to launch AI but is facing challenges related to identifying a good candidate project, legal risk, questions about the value, or how to make technology decisions, then this workshop is perfect for you.

It is specifically designed to address how to approach developing a use case for knowledge bases, intranets, people finders, chatbots, recommendation engines, automations, entity resolution, and any other scenario where AI & algorithms are used to capitalize on data. 


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Karen Passmore
AI & Product Strategist & Creator of the AI & Product Risk Index


Jen Segovia



Jen Segovia
Senior Product Design Leader



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Karen Passmore
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