Engagement Models

How We Work with Startups and Enterprise Organizations

We work with enterprise organizations, SaaS teams and funded startups to design and build AI solutions.

Engagement Models

Enterprise Solutions
Top-tier talent works with you and your team to design, test, prototype and build custom AI apps for your organization.
Startup Accelerator
An accelerator equity sharing program where we help you build your team while defining, designing, testing and building your AI product.

Enterprise Solutions

An Expert Team Builds Your Solution

We put together a dedicated team of expert data scientists, product and UX strategists, and engineers to define, design, test, develop and deploy your AI solution. 

We offer our enterprise services in a staff augmentation model, as a full- or partial-team to deliver a single project, or as a full-time team and your partner to develop and support a product across multiple lifecycles.

  • Enterprise:
    • Digital and agile transformation
    • Data strategy and governance
    • Knowledge management
    • Proof of concept, clickable prototypes
    • UX/UI and product management
    • Systems integration
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Unified data (intranets, dashboards, customer data, 360 views)
    • Information architecture and navigation structures
    • Search and findability
    • Content management
    • Intranets
    • Knowledge bases
    • Expert finders
    • Learning management
  • SaaS
    • Product and monetization strategies
    • MVPs
    • Feature definition
    • User stories and sprint planning
    • Agile planning
    • UX/UI research and design
    • Custom icons and illustrations
    • Systems / microservice architecture
    • Multiple UI's leveraging data from microservices
    • Content management
    • Knowledge base creation
    • Roadmap development
    • Release management
Designing for Medical Data
FinTech for GenZ
SaaS Payment Platform


We are a user experience company with expertise in building AI applications from a user-first perspective.  Many companies building products start out with data first because they know data best and then add UX later on, but we have always been user-first from day 1 of company operations.  That focus and dedication to the user experience allows us to bring over a decade of experience as user advocates to your product and your organization.

All of our team members undergo training on an ongoing basis.  Some of the topics we've covered over the past year include User Experience, User Interface Design, Design Systems, Customer Experience, Conversion Strategies, Marketing, Content Management, Technical Design, Data Architecture, Knowledge Graphs, Rust, Go lang, React Native, AWS, Amplify Studio, Storybook, UXPin Merge, Figjam, Figma and Accessibility


Teaching Model

We teach our clients and each other what we know because we believe in sharing our knowledge.  In order for remote teams to work together effectively, a lot of knowledge sharing needs to happen.  That is only half of the challenge.  The other half is bridging the gap in learning each other’s businesses.  From the start, we set out to share everything we know about UX, product, engineering and how to make a successful product.  We also capture everything we can about your business and bundle everything into a knowledge base made just for you and your team.


Fast Time to Development

We know how to get a lot of high-impact work done in a short period of time.  Many of our engagements begin with user research of an existing concept or product during a 6-week engagement.  The outcome of these projects results in a usable prototype for development.


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Startup Accelerator

Building for Equity

We partner with startups to design, test and build your platform so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Founder passion and domain knowledge
  • Key insights into why your company is different
  • Strong decision-making ability
  • Market traction within your target audience


  • AI/data architecture, security and integrity
  • Feature definition and prioritization
  • User-tested, beautiful designs
  • MVP design and build
  • Deployment and early-stage release management
  • Roadmap development

Ideate (3% Equity)
You have an idea, an early stage team and some funding - you're ready to bring something exciting to market and need a team to help you refine your pitch and build a landing page so that you can do a roadshow and start proving market interest.
  • Predictive UX invests $15,000
  • We design and develop a landing page
  • We refine your pitch deck
  • We deliver a brand guide
  • We help refine financial models
  • 3 month program
Design (10% Equity)
You have seed money and a passionate team with domain knowledge. You know the importance that user experience plays in product adoption. You need a team of expert user researchers and designers to create your UI.
  • Predictive UX invests $35,000
  • Deliver user-tested, beautiful designs
  • Quickly develop an MVP
  • Deploy and manage early-stage releases
  • Consult on long-term strategy
  • 3 month program
Develop (20% Equity)
You have completed the design stage with us and need your product developed. People are ready to buy your product. You want us to take your prototype to a full-scale application so you can officially launch your product to the world.
  • Predictive UX invests $100,000
  • An expert team builds your product
  • Testers validate the build before launch
  • Deploy and manage early-stage releases
  • Consult on long-term strategy
  • 6 month progran

Free consultation

Getting the ROI out of Knowledge Graphs

Data UX design is the key to realizing the full-value of your knowledge graph implementation across multiple UI's.

Key factors driving the need for Knowledge and Data UX:

  • Knowledge graphs are quickly becoming the preferred architecture to connect otherwise disparate sets of information and data 
  • A knowledge graph architecture allows businesses to build multiple apps with a connected experience across UI's
  • Making sense of disparate sets of data from multiple source systems requires a strong knowledge graph UX strategy and design system to help companies realize the full ROI of their knowledge graph strategy 

We Take on the Risk With You So That You CanRest Better At Night

Predictive UX believes in partnering with our clients. To us, true partnership means taking on some of the risk of delivering digital products and transferring knowledge to our our clients along the journey. Ask us about our equity share engagement model.

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