National Park Service
National Park Service
The National Park Service preserves natural and cultural resources for future generations. They employ over 20,000 people who work together with partners to extend the benefits of natural and cultural resource conservation and outdoor recreation throughout this country and the world.
Design an engaging user experience and information architecture that brings together disparate content from across the National Park Service and includes a social network and resource library that provides access to informal training and DOI LMS content for over 22,000 park service employees.
They needed to...
  •  Create a Cross-platform Tool for Learning
  •  Design Navigation for Content From Disparate Sources
  •  Create a Social Community
  •  Enable Consistency and Findability
We were brought on board by our longtime partner, Enterprise Knowledge, to work with National Park Service employees to design a learning portal with landing pages for each training resource center. The portal includes knowledge articles, a social community, information on courses, and libraries that can be organized by topics and competencies.
The information architecture, design and user experience takes into consideration the need for a consistent look and feel across the portal.  
Our work included...
  •  User Experience Design: To ensure cohesiveness between areas
  •  Information Architecture: To organize disparate content 
  •  Faceted Search UX Design: To increase findability  
  •  Social Community UX Design: To drive engagement 
  •  Landing Page UX Design: For each center and topic
  •  Poster Graphic Design: To drive awareness of the portal across NPS
Our work was used as the foundation to develop the Common Learning Portal (CLP), which has launched across the Park Service. 

We also designed the Common Learning Portal poster, now up in National Park Service break rooms across the U.S., to raise employee awareness of this important new resource where they can learn anywhere, anytime, by accessing the CLP. Employees are taking photos in front of the poster across Park Service locations and posting them inside the portal.

The poster can be viewed by clicking the poster thumbnail on the bottom of this page.
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Common Learning Portal Homepage Wireframes to Design
Note: Visual Design Completed by Another Firm
Training Center Wireframes to Design
Note: Visual Design Completed by Another Firm
Additional Screens
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Training Class Wireframe
Resource Library Wireframe
Groups in the Commons Wireframe
Common Learning Portal Poster
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